Kitchen Hanging Trash Can

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✨ Versatile Installation Options
✨ Odor-Blocking Technology
✨ Large Capacity
✨ Convenient Size for Multiple Locations


Our Kitchen Hanging Trash Can is designed with your convenience in mind, offering versatile installation options to suit your space and lifestyle. Whether you choose to hang it on kitchen cabinet doors, mount it on a wall using adhesive hooks, or simply place it on the countertop, this trash can adapts to your needs. The ease of installation ensures that you can keep your waste management system exactly where you need it, making your kitchen more efficient and user-friendly.


Say goodbye to unpleasant kitchen smells with our odor-blocking technology. This mini trash can comes with a lid that effectively seals in odors, keeping your kitchen fresh and free from the attraction of fruit flies. The odor-blocking feature is more than just a functional aspect; it's about maintaining a clean and pleasant environment in your kitchen, allowing you to cook and dine in a space that smells as good as your food tastes.


Our Kitchen Hanging Trash Can is thoughtfully designed to offer ample space for your waste without taking up too much room. Available in two convenient sizes – 12L and 8.5L – it's perfect for various spaces like the kitchen, office, bedroom, or bathroom. Its compact design makes it an ideal fit for cabinet doors, pantry doors, cupboards, or even in your car. This trash can is not just a waste holder; it's a versatile solution to keep your spaces clean and organized.